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Canon to Announce Entry Stage Fullframe Digicam Underneath $800 « NEW CAMERA

By admin, on July fifteenth, 2021

Based on the newest rumors popping out from rumor mills, Canon is engaged on an entry-level full-frame Mirrorless digicam anticipated to reach someday in 2022 with a price ticket of lower than $800.

TNCtake on this rumor

Nicely if it’s true then for certain, it’s nice information. however, on the similar time, we’ve got Canon 90D which is available at $1199,(physique solely), and Canon M6 Mark II (physique solely) which cost you $849. and Canon T8i with kit cost $899

So, If Canon decides to announce a well-capable digicam (with correct  4k video mode and nonetheless capturing functionality), then for certain they’ll actually kill their very own Mid-range and high-end APS-C lineup of cameras. So, for advertising and marketing point-of-view an below $1000 full-frame digicam idea doesn’t look too possible, even when it arrives it can have come cripple modes to save lots of the APS-C Line-up gross sales.

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