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Sheesham Wooden is life time companion for Human Being

Sheesham is understood by many names viz- scientific names is Dalbergia Sisoo, and others names are Palisandre, Tali, Rose wooden. It’s primarily present in Northern a part of India. Main states the place it grows essentially the most are Panjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Nepal. Although Sheesham doesn’t give any edible fruits to eat however it provides shades for individuals residing in farms, villages, homeless or beggars, cattle and many others.

Benefits of sheesham tree for farmers and Factory people. It is also useful for its medicinal values.

Sheesham will be planted within the month of February. It’s seeds are used for the plantation and customarily it takes 15 to twenty years to turn into full grown tree.

Makes use of of Sheesham

Timber supplies us a very powerful thing- Oxygen and aside from this, sheesham additionally supplies us shades in summer season for animals, poor individuals to relaxation below, protected place for birds to construct their nests.

Sheesham twigs can be utilized for hearth work in households, its wooden can be utilized for constructing cattle sheds, cooking meals and varied instruments utilized in agriculture.

And final however not the least stunning furnishings for Properties, lodges and different.

Farmer’s shut relation with Sheesham Tree


In India, 60% of the inhabitants continues to be agriculture dependent. And farmers are nonetheless struggling to get higher worth for his or her produce and desires to make a greater life-style.

So, the farmer grows Sheesham plant on the start of their children and when their children want monetary assist for schooling or on the time of marriage. The farmer can promote this commercially to factories.

So, this tree performs an important function within the lifetime of farmers of our nation.

In all the lifetime of Sheesham, this tree serves so much. We get oxygen for 20 years and farmer get cash and shoppers will get sturdy and lengthy lasting furnishings for his or her homes, lodges and many others.

Sheesham made furnishings has pure grains and final for a few years. Isn’t it lovely?

Let’s see the High quality of its Wooden

“Elasticity within the wooden of sheesham helps it to tolerate masses and make it helpful for industrial works.”

Why sheesham is unique and has multiple uses, lets read.

  • Its wooden has pure grains which makes it look stunning.

  • It’s sturdy and so it’s principally utilized in making doorways, home windows, Veneer, or picket Properties too.

Every thing has its execs & cons, Sheesham wooden has them too.

It expands and contracts relying upon the climate of its surrounding. It expands in summer season and shrinks in winter time. And it’s arduous and strengthful to provide a protected construction to homes.

Ailments in Sheesham Tree and their options

Furniture from Sheesham

Termites and fungal are the principle ailments that harms this most respected plant. Listed here are some steps you possibly can keep away from or stop sheesham from such ailments.

  1. Common Watering

  2. Placing lime on the stem or roots, wherever essential( twice a yr)

  3. Use of Chlorpyrifos 20% ( powdered type) for fungal. This can be utilized for roots, 2gm  per litre can be sprayed on crops. Most dose is 5ml for small plant and 10 to fifteen ml for crops of greater than 5 years.

(Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide used on crops, animals, and buildings, and in different settings, to kill a lot of pests, together with bugs and worms. It acts on the nervous techniques of bugs by inhibiting the acetylcholinesterase enzyme.)


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