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STL242: Is there one block aircraft to rule all of them?

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Join us live for as PantoRouter’s Mac Sheldon and John Henry Souza demonstrate this powerful joinery machine.

Query 1:

From Tom:

I’m engaged on the chair described by Mathew Teague’s “Construct an Elegant Eating Chair” video. I’ve been engaged on the again splat and the crest rail, cleansing them up after I band-sawn to tough form with the Veritas giant spokeshave. 

 The problem I’m having is chatter and the problem of pushing the spokeshave. When there isn’t a chatter and I could make a clear stroke, the outcomes are nice. The wooden is cherry and intensely clean to the contact after it’s minimize by the spokeshave. However I get chatter incessantly which requires extra strokes to wash up. I’ve made mountains of shavings (I’m constructing 10 chairs) and hold the blade sharp. I’ve inserted each the shims behind the blade that have been provided with the shave. The shavings are about 0.004″ or thinner. I’m incessantly stopped chilly mid stroke and have pushed so exhausting on the shave that I’ve anxious that I’ll break it. I’ve tried to ease up on the stress in my push till that doesn’t minimize in any respect. However even then the shave will dig in mid stroke and cease chilly.

 Do you guys have any options?

How to Sharpen a Spokeshave

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Webinar: All About Spokeshaves with Peter Galbert

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Query 2:

From Chris:

How do you suggest storage and defending your sharpened card scrapers. At the moment, mine are specified by a single layer on a window sill as a result of I’m undecided what else to do with them. It looks like a picket block could be nice, however I’m undecided methods to create the proper kerfs to stash them? Do you employ a bandsaw and go in from both aspect, alternating rows?

Make Custom Holders for Hand Tools

These custom-made holders hold your instruments secure and safe.

Query 3:

From Wealthy,

A neighborhood woodworking skilled elucidated the numerous virtues of the skew block aircraft, together with that of becoming a tenon to a mortise. I bought the aircraft and after almost a 12 months of heavy use, I’m extraordinarily happy. 

Maybe naively, I consider the skew aircraft obviates the necessity for a shoulder aircraft. Have you ever all used the skew block and in that case, consider there to be a useful limitation when contrasted with a shoulder aircraft? I’m not in search of an excuse to buy a instrument I don’t personal. 

And likewise:

From Max:
I lately bought my first block aircraft, the Lie-Nielsen rabbet block aircraft, as a result of I believed this could be a fantastic multi use instrument; able to trimming tenon shoulders and faces in addition to doing all of the duties a standard block aircraft may deal with. I additionally bought a shoulder aircraft quickly after that, pondering it could be one other useful gizmo for the arsenal. I’m now within the common 60-1/2 adjustable mouth block aircraft (significantly for its use as a kumiko strip thicknesser), and am anxious I could have impulsively bought the improper block aircraft. So my query is this- Is it good to have each a rabbet block aircraft and shoulder aircraft, and/or each block planes? And does the rabbet block aircraft do issues that the shoulder aircraft can’t?

The Best Way to Fit Tenons

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Query 4:

From Devin:

Is it potential to place a again bevel on a bevel down aircraft blade to be able to change the chopping angle with out altering the frog? Bought a fairly good outdated jointer aircraft for subsequent to nothing however when I’ve curly stuff and I’m making an attempt to edge joint lengthy areas I get a TON of tear out.

Chris Gochnour’s sharpening process

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